Burt's Bees 3D modeling and rendering

3D model and rendering of Burt's Bees products

Burt's Bees 3D
3D Packaging Modeling and Rendering
This is a small sample of the Burt's Bees products that I have created. I decided to use 3D (CGI) for this approach.

Why 3D (CGI)? Some products are difficult to photograph because of their materials. It can also be difficult to keep overall lighting consistent across so many individual product shots.

3D is great for this type of work, because you can get the consistency in lighting and materials needed without complicated retouching in post.

With photography, many times there are two or three exposures needed for each product shot and they have to be composed in Photoshop.

Once the geometry is modeled and the scenes are set, the only thing that needs to be changed is the label image map and overall product colors. I feel 3D is the best solution for this type of work.

John Levanas assisted with some modeling.

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