Salmon Pirate ~ Glad Wrap

Pirate Salmon Character Save good food. From going bad. Character development and advertising image for Glad campaign. The challenge of this image was to show fresh fish under the Glad wrap and the dried out, scary alternative without the Glad product. There was a long period of character and concept development to get to this final execution. We had early versions where the fruit/vegetables were cut on both sides, but it proved to be a little too gross because it was a character too. Along the way, we toned down some meaner characters, making them more mischevious and less aggressive. This character was developed using Modo as a concept tool. I created a rough character directly in Modo using the modeling and sculpting tools. Multi-res brushes were used for sculpting the final character details and plastic wrap. Because the client wanted the hard floor shadow, light linking was used for the floor and character to separate the shadows. My goal was to complete most of the image in Modo. About five percent of the work done was completed in post. Photoshop was required for minor retouching refinements, highlights, color, lighting and the cracked surface.

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